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Top Value at Lower Cost

Employers, insurers and third party administrators understand that ambulatory surgical centers like Fremont Surgery Center are a high-quality, cost-effective alternative to having surgery in an acute care facility. Because Fremont Surgery Center's overhead is a fraction of the cost of a hospital, the savings are passed on to outpatient surgery patients, who are charged, on average, 47 percent less than hospital inpatients for comparable procedures.

A flat fee, charged for each procedure, covers the facility, customary medical supplies and nursing care. With lower charges than local hospitals in billing and allowed, contracted reimbursement, patient copayment amounts are typically significantly lower than competing facilities.

For example, a procedure that costs $10,000 at a hospital, may cost only $5,300 at Fremont Surgery Center. If insurance pays 80 percent of the charges in either case, a hospital inpatient’s copay would be $2,000 versus a copay of $1,060 for a Fremont Surgery Center patient.

When you factor in a comparable level of care and quality at both facilities, the value of having a procedure at Fremont Surgery Center is clearly evident.

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